The Brief

Identify business travel product & service opportunities for Cathay Pacific.

As we begin to project future trends of business travel, an interesting pattern begins to form: the line between business and leisure travel begins  to simultaneously sharpen and blur. Many travelers will still travel for their destination, regardless for work or for leisure; others will travel for the sake of traveling. Even still, many will blur work and travel. This divergence in trends is baffling the travel industry as companies scramble to identify opportunities for growth. And as technology begins to shape our lives, the future of business travel becomes even more uncertain.

This project is two-fold. First, through the use of generative tools in intensive interview sessions, we will uncover the underlying motivations of current business travelers to understand this consumer segment. Furthermore, Cathay Pacific employees will also be interviewed to understand where gaps and opportunities exist within the company. In the latter half of the project, insights from the investigations will be translated into product and service opportunities in hopes of changing and directing the future of the business travel industry.


The Challenge