Redesign attendant uniformS to enhance performance.

Flight attendants are often seen as airline icons and brand ambassadors and rarely as what they are trained for. After rigorous medical and survival training, most passengers do not see the role of these flight attendants. In fact, many airlines require flight attendants to wear fashionable yet movement prohibitive garments. 

Despite all the actions - from carrying heavy items to pacing up and down the aisles - current uniforms do not address the need of current flight attendants performing their jobs. In revolutionizing the travel industry, innovations must be developed and implemented to aid (and not prohibit) flight attendants in their jobs. Uniforms can be both fashionable and functional.


Magenta Layer

For 900 years in Hong Kong's history, pearl divers swam to the bottom of the ocean in one breath to scour the sea floor for pearls.


From dim sum to Tian Ta Buddha to Bank of China tower, famous icons and landmarks inspire passengers to visit Hong Kong.


Cathay's new logo, the magpie, flies majestically through the pattern, symbolizing the connection of Hong Kong's past to its present.