The Brief

Redesign the pet travel experience for long distance journeys.

Many pet owners find it difficult to leave their pets at home when traveling. Some prefer to ask their family and friends to take care of their pets when they are not home. Others prefer bringing their pets with them.

Many pet owners, however, will choose to bring their pets along when making big moves. Regardless of taking short or long trips, pets have to adjust to sudden changes in their environment. One of these environments is the carrier. 

Unfortunately, most carriers don’t differentiate between cats and dogs, knowing full well that these two kinds of pets have completely different behaviors and needs. Unlike dogs, cats have a more diffictult time adjusting to the environment around them. They are more sensitive to movement, noises and unfamiliar scents. Therefore, traveling is often traumatic for them.

As designers, how can we help our cats prepare for a long journey ahead?


Project in Collaboration with Tina Ou