Rebrand Teavana for a new generation of tea drinkers.

Tea is the number two mostly widely drunk beverage in the world after water. Its aromatic fragrance and refreshing taste soothes the body and the soul. In fact, as the consumption of coffee lowers, tea is undeniably gaining immense popularity around the world.

Teavana is a tea lifestyle brand featuring quality loose leaf teas. Their goal is to create the ideal cafe experience with handcrafted tea beverages and paired food. In addition, Teavana also sells many tea products and accessories. Their diverse product line and premium tea experience has attracted the attention of tea afficionados and even tea newbies.

In 2012, coffee giant Starbucks acquired Teavana and now owns all of Teavana’s products, stores, and drinks. Furthermore, Starbucks is phasing out their former tea brand Tazo to replace it with Teavana in hopes of capturing more of the tea market. In fact, Teavana’s Tea Bar concept was developed by Starbucks to create a even more assimilated tea drinking experience similar to Starbucks’ own cafe experience.

Now that Teavana belongs to Starbucks, Teavana looking for a rebranding of their company across several different points of sales, including their retail locations, Tea Bars and on shelves in Starbucks.